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Always put the safety of every worker on our job sites ahead of production and schedule.
Stand firm that we have a moral obligation to send all employees home healthy and injury-free at the end of the day…everyday.
Provide leadership in our industry to continually improve jobsite safety.
Ensure that all employees are provided the proper training, education, instruction and personal protective equipment to perform their work
Identify hazards before the work begins and implement new safety solutions to prevent accidents.
Never compromise the safety of our employees regardless of the conditions or influences of our customers or others.
Promote a culture in which everyone is equal in authority and responsibility for every workers safety
Work Mentality
Treat each other, our customers and the industry with honesty, integrity and respect.
Listen to our customers in order to provide innovative solutions to their needs and desires.
Develop and implement the best safety programs to keep everyone safe in our work areas.
Deliver all our products with the highest degree of quality, efficiency, value and competency in our industry.
Work together with a positive attitude and have fun in what we do.
Work as a team using our collective strengths and talents to exceed what we can do as individuals.
Build our company to provide opportunity and continuity for generations to come.